Diane York is an award-winning journalist and author who
combines unique personal stories and professional research to inspire, inform and entertain audiences. Her expertise includes explorations of lifestyles, travel, art, relationships, science, business with a special background in medicine and health.


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Wild Atlantic Way

Kat was delighted that no one stopped her from walking the highest turrets of the castle, which gave her a spectacular view of the Shannon River and miles of County Clare. The banquet dinner that night was great fun, with singers, harpists, and ghost stories...

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 I Love This Bar

A warm welcome from a smiling bartender is key. Barflies agree that the bartender who welcomes you is table stakes, but when he remembers your favorite drink the next time you come in, that makes you a lifetime fan...

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“Diane York excels at finding story ideas and relevant sources. She understands how to reach out to readers with quotes, statistics and information. In particular, she can turn complex medical information into clear prose for a general audience.”  Angela Lehman-Rios, Style Weekly
Diane York's writing is always well-researched, and she has a knack for isolating
trends that other publications have missed."-Scott Bass, News Editor, Style Weekly, Richmond, VA
“Diane has an excellent "nose for news" and frequently approached us with unique story ideas that appealed to our readership. Her turnaround time was fast, and her product was excellent. I am pleased to recommend her to other editors and publishers.” Rebecca Jones, Editor, Urge Magazine